Spear of Destiny

Ian Hamilton launching his action against RBS at Oban Sheriff Court

If you were foolish enough to scroll way back to the first few posts of Estate Tweed you'd find a link to an article written by the chap shown above, the redoubtable octogenarian former Queen's Counsel Ian Hamilton, The Man Who Stole The Stone of Destiny. He and a group of friends broke into Westminster Abbey on Christmas day 1950 and with crowbars removed that ancient symbol of Scottish Kingship - reputed to be the pillow on which Jacob rested on the night that he wrestled with god - from beneath the hated Edward's coronation chair where it had languished since 1296. During this operation the stone broke in two and Ian's friends scarpered, leaving only him to lift really very heavy stones into the back of his car - a feat of unnatural strength. The stone was eventually returned and no charges were ever brought.

Ian has been in the papers lately for trying to sue the Bankers in Edinburgh for being well, rubbish.

His blog is excellent, and I felt impelled to link to his latest entry, a display of withering wit in which Ian vents an economy sized spleen on one Fergus Ewing (the MSP for somewhere in Inverness and Scottish Community Safety Minister). Click on The Bruce for link