Our Night with Mulberry and No Cashmere for Cyclo

It’s been a while.

This is the first quiet morning I’ve had since October, so I have been collecting my thoughts for the last few minutes prior to following up on my previous posts. These thoughts were prompted by my imminent visit to the Fall pre sale for RL in Glasgow, which will be my first visit to RL since their show earlier in the year. This post is both a preamble to tonight’s visit and a follow up to my post regarding the Glasgow nightspot “29”.

First, our night at 29.
The entrance is ordinary so we were surprised to find ourselves on a large and romantically lit roof terrace. This may have been the last time that the terrace could have been used as a venue this year – the weather in Glasgow becomes much less predictable as October rolls on. One side of the terrace had an enclosed dining space in a celluloid sided pavilion. We enjoyed cocktails with Mulberry’s Nic Harbottle, (who wore a vintage Mulberry suit in striped heavy linen) before moving through to dinner. Under each seat was a gift from Mulberry. The ladies received a Mulberry clutch, the only other gentleman guest and I each received a leather wash bag. An elegant dinner was served with wines and the party broke up around eleven.

The hospitality, courtesy of Mr Harbottle, was exemplary, the atmosphere rich, the ladies beautiful, the wines copious and various and the gifts unexpected and luxurious. The roof terrace was romantic, expensive looking and exclusive. Yet 29 as an entity was a let-down. The members, whom we encountered variously, were the usual round of drunken expense account salarymen. The management has instigated a Corporate Membership drive which should ensure an abundance of cheap suits and unsuitably dressed middle aged women for many years to come. We enjoyed our evening but we will not be joining any time soon and neither I suspect will the glitterati 29 so desperately wants to attract.

And now...Ralph
Tonight is the start of the Fall Sale Preview nights. I have from RL a stiff invitation and a code for a further 30% discount on sale prices and I’ve just received a call telling me there’s an extra ten percent discount for VIPs. I am skint of course but I’m not going to let that stop me! Last week was my birthday and the present Mrs. Cyclo’s mum was kind enough to furnish me with the necessary moolah for a wee trip into the preview. Of course, I don’t actually need anything, the Cyclo2000 wardrobe is literally bursting – the door no longer closes. This is about desire, yet desire tempered with financial constraint. No cashmere for Cyclo! I'd love a pair of those orange cords though...and all the holiday stuff is on the discount list so...Happy Holidays!