Why the SNP is failing Scotland.
November 22nd, 2009 By Ian Hamilton

Wee George Robertson was right. Give the SNP a toy and it will be the end of independence. All we’re left with is a party that’s forgotten its soul. Now its purpose is for playing politics. OK! Sure! We’ve shown that the Scots can rule themselves but whoever doubted it? Meantime we’ve forgotten one thing. The SNP is a revolutionary party or it’s nothing.

Look at us. We’re the government in a toy parliament in a toy province. And what’s our aim? Our aim is a referendum. Campaign for a referendum! Aye right! That’s why I didn’t go to Glasgow North East to address an envelope. We could have won there but not on the campaign we fought.

We could have brandished a policy every voter wants and we flunked it. Independence should have been our cry. Then we will cap every income over £150,000 a year. No income should be greater than ten times the lowest one. People would have listened. Labour would have had to defend the rich. They would have said the bankers and economists would leave us.

Good riddance! They made this mess. Now we have so many rich they live in gated communities guarded by ex SAS. This is society near implosion. The SAS won’t shoot down the poor. They’ll take out the rich first. The only safety for us all is fair shares for us all. Don’t tell me we can’t have that. They have it in Sweden. And all we do at the polls is whine for a referendum. Aye Right!

Even the talk among the SNP is of a people who have lost their way. They look back instead of forward. When I say the Union was a help to Scotland I’m howled down. When I say the right side won at Culloden I’m treated as a traitor. The Stewart dynasty introduced London rule and the Killing Times so we ask them back! Eh? When I say Clan Campbell was a buffer state between civilisation and the Western tribes I’m being provocative. Of course I’m being provocative. History is my hobby. But politicians should have other things on their mind. The SNP is a political party. The sentences in this paragraph are enough to pack a whole fish box with red herrings. Yet wherever two or three SNP members meet it passes as political conversation. Grow up!

Political conversation is about the present and the future. The Union is finished but England still holds on. They spend billions on submarines at home and base them at Faslane and Rosyth. England needs Scotland for its old dream of being a world power. When we go England will be lost. They’ll have to renegotiate their entry into the EU. With no Scottish fishing to sacrifice, no oil, no coal no other energy, England might not get in. Its seat on the UN Security Council will certainly go. All this is inevitable. No union is forever. History is on the side of the break up of obsolete unions. That’s as far back as we need to look.

So the next person who asks to shake my hand because it touched the Stone of Destiny will get a kick in the crutch. The Stone of Destiny is bunkum. It’s in the past. I live in the present and look to the future which is independence. And will someone in the SNP set their research assistants to work? We need a new constitution. We need to know how we can help England who won the world cup in 1966. Remember?