Unfortunately, here on the Estate it's rather more slushy than the pristine forests of Aspen, Colorado. No be-furred, chisel faced, internationist boulevardiers here, cutting about with their paraplegic girlfriends swaddled in more more fur than PETA can abhore, oh no.
This is wellie weather

There many varieties and many makes of decent quality wellington boots and it's true to say that you can spend a lot of money should you wish to.

On the far right, the pale green boot is Le Chameau's peerless Chasseur. Leather lined, hand lasted, these are the boots of choice for yer huntin' shootin' set. Costing about £250.00, they should last for years and are classicly worn with the zips down and the strap flapping. Seen on the feet of red faced city boys in Holland&Holland tweeds blasting away with Purdey guns at Grouse fattened for the kill by horny handed sons of the soil called Murdo or Lachie, both of whom wear the same boots lined in Neoprene.

On the far right, the dark green boot is the Hunter Balmoral - which is their standard field sports boot (not to be confused with the Hunter Original, which is a far inferior product). Balmorals start at about £65.00. Like the Chasseur, the provision of a strong walking sole with steel shank (such as is normally found on a hiking boot) make these a long term investment. Hunter produce many other styles which play variations on this boot but to my mind you would almost be foolish to spend more on a pair of Hunters than this, the classic model. Seen on weekend warriors, hunt followers and posh gels from the counties out for a pre-prandial stroll round the village boundaries during a weekend at daddies.

If you are really posh, you wear Argylls. The basic, black rubber, cotton lined Argyll boot is seen on the feet of true Estate owners, old families with a Big House and a Home Farm, cutting around the fields in Liddesdale jackets and Hermes scarves who would baulk at the idea of paying more than £50 for wellies. These are the farmers choice, the well from which all others spring. The queen wears Argylls.

And Cyclo? Around the Estate Cyclo sports a pair of Hunter Classics, boots so old that they were bought before the Scottish nomenclatures came in but which are basicaly the same as the Balmorals above. Hardwearing, narrow up the leg, walking soles, super boots. Got 'em on today. Need 'em, too.