the horror, the horror

Today in 1793, Maximilien Robespierre’s Committee for Public Safety instigated that slaughter which became known as The Reign of Terror

As many as 40,000 were executed. Aristos, priests, dissenters, army officers and Government officials were guillotined on the orders of the Revolutionary Tribunal

Robespierre would preside over the deaths of some of his cabal, including that of Desmoullins and Danton (although Marat was murdered in his bath) but Robespierre was guillotined himself on the 28th July 1794 alongside his brother Augustine, Saint Just, Couthon, and all remaining members of the Committee. Unlike the rest Robespierre was guillotined facing up, towards the blade

Despite his bloodthirsty reputation, in his day Robespierre was thought of as something of a dandy, making him a suitable subject for a blog such as this

Robespierre's Signature