back in 2012

Madmen returns with season 5 (and 6) going into production later this year. It'll be 2012 before it airs anywhere and possibly late 2012 going into 2013 before we see it in the UK.

Who's to say that by then the hype will have died down and no-one will care? Already this year in Britain we've seen the Killing (which blew everything else clean out the water) and from this Saturday night past we've been immersed in season 3 of French Policier Engrenages, marketed as Spiral 3 in the UK and subtitled "The Butcher of Villette". With Sara Lund's wee jumper a fond memory and our hearts once more lost to the careworn charms of Laure Berthaud, Gilou et al and with Madmen moving to pay TV (it's been secured by Rupert Murdoch's Sky from season 5 onward) it will certainly loose a proportion of it's viewers and this huge gap between series can only make that migration worse.

I wonder of they'll move the timeframe up to the mid 70's? Kipper tie, anyone?