advert's for Jenny watches, creators of the famous Aquadive

Jenny invented the triple safe one piece case in the early 1960s and issued one of the world's first 1000m rated dive watches. This ultimately led to the creation of the Omega Ploprof

The fancy drilled out semi-massive straps are still available (allegedly) from Volmer in Germany although I can't actually find a vendor. They're called "Aristo Rallye" bracelets. You can buy a watch here. If you find the bracelet on sale on it's own anywhere let me know. Volmer no longer show it in their catalogue but they do list a very open link bracelet sinilar to the original Doxa pattern.

The keen eyed will notice the Jenny fish logo has been known to appear on Doxa cases too. There seems to have been some cross over between O&W, Jenny and Doxa although reading through the various watch forums online it's not clear exactly what the relationship was. Perhaps O&W and Doxa simply purchased cases and/or licenses from Jenny or perhaps O&W manufactured on behalf of the other two marques. The answer seems lost in the mists...