Le pédaleur de charme

L'hero de Brive-Agen, 1951, the most famous exploit in TdF history
"Koblet bent his back to the wheel. At the finish he crossed the line victorious, stopped his watch, took out a comb to comb his hair and waited the arrival of the peloton. Two minutes and thirty five seconds later Marcel Michel led a bunch of fifty riders into the finish. For nearly four hours one rider had fought against a bunch and won. One by one the tributes came in:
- "We have been chasing flat out for more than 100 kilometres. But the more we pushed ahead the greater became his lead... Koblet must have a motor under his chest" (Lucien Lazaridès)
- "If there were two Koblets in the sport I would retire from cycling tomorrow" (Raphaël Geminiani)
- "In the ten years that I have raced, I've never witnessed such an exploit" (Fiorenzo Magni)
- "The only way to beat him is to hope that he blows up tomorrow, but he is young, he will recuperate quickly." (Fausto Coppi)"